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Bridging Magento® and Magnolia
Your best way to tell great stories and craft compelling retail experiences online.

The xailabs MMConnector™ is a powerful tool that connects the enterprise content management system Magnolia and the e-commerce platform.

  • Place products from your Magento store onto your Magnolia page with 5 clicks
  • Easily create content driven shopping experiences
  • Enhance your e-Commerce strategy and create a unique user experience

Built for Innovation
We designed and built the xailabs MMConnector after meeting with content and e-commerce pioneers to learn how they rise above the crowd. With this experience, we were able to design each feature in the xailabs MMConnector to help you build compelling and effective online customer experiences.

Stand Out with Stories
The e-commerce landscape is constantly changing. The number of merchants increases every day, as does the risk for merchants to be reduced only to the price they offer for a specific product. Use the xailabs MMConnector to tell a great story that will inspire your online readers and turn them into customers!

Go the Distance with Relationships!
The xailabs MMConnector utilizes the great features of Magnolias and Magento and puts creativity in your hands to create great content along with awesome call-to-action product teasers to generate sales.

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Magnolia edition:
On-premises Pro
On-premises Standard
Community Edition

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