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Extend and expand Magnolia's core capabilities to build a fully tailored DX platform that drives content reuse across multi experiences and faster, more efficient content operations.  

Why Magnolia?

Magnolia offers 4 extension types:

Connector Packs

Extend Magnolia into adjacent software categories, via a unified integration framework and out-of-the-box connectors. They are built by Magnolia, sold as packs, and have the same level of quality and support as our DX Core. 

Special Features

Expand Magnolia’s core capabilities with functionality that addresses special use cases. They are built and maintained by Magnolia, sold individually, and have the same level of quality and support as our DX Core. 


Extensions that are built by Magnolia and supported by our Professional Services. We are happy to offer them for DX Core license owners, with levels of documentation, test coverage and support that vary. The current state of the incubator extensions is indicated by the star rating in the description. 

3rd Party

Extensions that are built, maintained and sold by Magnolia partners. They follow our best practices and development patterns and come from our partners’ extensive experience with designing and implementing Magnolia solutions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To purchase an extension, send your inquiry using the form on the extension details page. Our sales team will process your request and get back to you to discuss pricing and the updates needed to your Magnolia license agreement.

    To install an extension, check its documentation page and simply add the maven dependency to your project. 

    Connector Packs and Special Features are fully supported and come with the same service level agreement as per your Magnolia License Agreement (MLA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

    Incubator extensions are maintained by Magnolia on a best effort basis and support can be provided via a service engagement. 

    3rd Party extensions are supported by the developing partner. For more details, check the Support & SLA details on each extension page.

    Compatibility of each extension with the different Magnolia versions and editions is provided on each extension’s details page.

    To publish an extension on the Magnolia Marketplace, we invite you to first check the steps and guidelines described on our Marketplace Program page. When you are ready to start the process, fill in this form and we’ll be right back in touch with you.

    No. Publishing an extension on the Magnolia Marketplace is free of charge.

    To publish an extension on the Magnolia Marketplace, you need to submit various technical and marketing information and assets related to your extension. These are listed on the Marketplace Program page.

    Light Development is about applying the best patterns and principles from front-end development to CMS projects. With Light Development, front-end developers can create Magnolia projects with Light Modules without the need for Java development skills, or even an SDK or Java IDE. 

    Projects and features are packaged in 'light modules'. A light module is a folder on the filesystem with a set of subfolders for any supplied definitions, like 'contentTypes', 'restEndpoints' and 'apps'. Magnolia watches a specific directory, typically named 'light-modules', and treats any directory within it as a light module. You can put any number of light modules in it. 

    Learn more about Magnolia Light Development with our tutorial and check the light modules on the Marketplace.

    Publish your Extension on the Marketplace

    Developed the next greatest addition to our Marketplace? Check out the Marketplace program, benefits for partners and all you need to know for publication.