Microsoft Sharepoint DAM Connector

Store your assets in Microsoft (Sharepoint, OneDrive), and use them as if they were Magnolia native.

The Microsoft Sharepoint DAM Connector is an app that provides the functionality to use assets from Microsoft Office (Sharepoint, OneDrive) in Magnolia.

The integration allows you to access and use all your assets centrally from Magnolia, eliminating the need for switching tools, costly and time-consuming asset migration, or changing processes. Users can manage all their assets from one place:

  • Upload or download assets to and from Microsoft Office (Sharepoint, OneDrive) directly from the Magnolia UI.
  • Browse and preview assets in Magnolia.
  • Filter assets using the column filters in Magnolia.
  • Edit key information for assets, such as the name or description. The changes are stored in Microsoft.
  • Delete items from Magnolia.


Extension has limited documentation and test coverage
Extension is tested, documented and has a few live deployments
Extension is feature complete and is widely used in production



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This extension is maintained by Magnolia on a best effort basis. Should you need support or customization assistance, these can be offered via a service engagement request to our Professional Services team. Read more or get in touch with our team here.  


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