Corporate Blog

By Magnolia

While a blog is typically designed for creating of individual blogs or essentially series of posts which together create some sort of a diary, the corporate blog module is a blogging platform that places focus on categories of content and their grouping or aggregation together by topic over expressing individuals. This is to allow inclusion of such blog posts in different parts of a website, making those appear more personal, trustworthy and generally appealing to users looking for opinions on the matters related to what is expressed by rest of the website on which blogs are running.

The corporate blog module isn’t just for a single author but it can be used by many of them. An author of a blog can be an unregistered user or can be selected from a list of existing users. Bloggers do not need any access to the website itself, just to their blogging area. In fact, they do not have control over placing of their blog posts at all. After a new blog is created, the module scaffolds the structure of new pages for the blogger and the related posts in the pages app. It is up to website editor to activate such pages and/or to move it wherever they like. Additionally, the module provides a number of components that allows the selection of posts, based on category and their placement anywhere on the website.

The individual blogger pages can be edited just like any other page, allowing the editor to place teasers for other pages, such as products or other content, next to the posts from the blogger. In the navigation area, an editor can choose whether they use the blog navigation sectioned by author/blog names, selected categories or both. Except of main component which is used for listing blog posts, an editor can add some additional components to the Extras area such as the Similar post component (random selected blog posts from a same category), the Contributor list component (list of authors and number of their posts) and the Featured posts component (manualy selected posts).

The most common way of authoring content foreseen when using this module, is creation of posts directly by bloggers via Blog app, and activation of said posts by bloggers themselves whenever content is ready (as mentioned previously, editor has still control over the page showing the blog posts and can deactivate that, thus removing blogger from the website instantly if necessary).

While most common use might be direct authoring, module provides also extensive tooling for supporting aggregation of existing blogs from other sources and filtering those by authors or categories or by  other means. Aggregation is triggered via configuring import blog service under each individual blogger whose posts should be aggregated from external source. Such external sources are RSS feeds of other existing blogs allowing blogger to continue blogging on their favourite platform of choice and automatically re-sharing content via Magnolia based website with Blog module installed.

Posts in individual blogs are grouped by categories and a single post can have more than one category. It is strongly encouraged for bloggers to always assign at least one category in order to allow for their posts placement in appropriate sections of the website where content is selected based on categories.

You can use this blog module for business purposes to let your business associate or clients know what is new in your company, share your thoughts with others or as our sample content show, inspire others to visit another countries from your travel experiences.

Pre-release Version