Accelerate content - commerce with Magnolia and BigCommerce and deliver rich shopping experiences.

BigCommerce is a highly scalable headless commerce platform, delivering commerce APIs for both B2C and B2B. It’s based on loosely coupled architecture that’s highly available and extensible with many out-of-the-box integrations.

The BigCommerce connector, built on the Magnolia Commerce Connector Pack framework, allows you to connect your external BigCommerce platform with your Magnolia instance.

You can use e-commerce content within Magnolia as if it were native Magnolia content. The modules provide access to shopping cart management and checkout functionality that directly interacts with your e-commerce solution via REST.

The base version of connector offers the following functionality: 

  • Viewing of Categories and Products
  • Viewing of Product Images
  • REST API for basic shopping cart functionality
  • REST API for basic checkout functionality
  • Search APIs for accessing products and categories

The subscription to an enterprise plan includes support and additional features such as: Pagination, Variants, Custom Checkout, Customer Fields, Support for Promotions/Coupons.  

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