Basic Editor

By Magnolia

The Basic Editor App serves as compliment to the common Pages App to help people with impaired or no sight to manage web pages in Magnolia.
Features provided by the basic editor:

  • Nodes are sorted by their type (pages, area, component)
  • Uses a new tab for creation and editing dialogs for better machine readability.
  • Naming of components: Upon creation components can be given a more meaningful name.
  • Limit search to a page.
  • Creating s new page will create the whole page structure (areas,...) immediately, not only after opening the visual editor.
  • New components can be added to areas with respect to which components are allowed in the selected area.


Add pages
New pages can be added from within the generic editor and the area structure is created automatically (this is different from the "regular" pages editor, where the page structure is created only after the page is opened).

Add components
New components can also be added to areas - it is considered which components are allowed for the selected area!

Naming of components
Components can be given a name (optional) which can make it easier to find existing content.

This is showing the linked page but without switching to the pages app (Magnolia 5.3.x only).

Integration in Pages App
There is a link from within the pages app where you can switch to the generic editor with the current page selected.


Pre-release Version