Twitter Bootstrap Framework

Design and customize responsive mobile-first sites faster.

Bootstrap is the world’s most popular front-end open source toolkit to quickly design and customize responsive mobile-first sites. 

With the Twitter Bootstrap Framework, you can use the extensive prebuilt components and powerful JavaScript plugins from Bootstrap in your Magnolia projects. These libraries offer pre-packaged pieces of code and styling that can pump life into your website much faster, while still fully customizing the website and tailoring the development project to your exact needs.

Bootstrap also adapts to the change in devicesand platforms fast and effectively, allowing you to provide outstanding and consistent experiences to your users. 



Extension has limited documentation and test coverage
Extension is tested, documented and has a few live deployments
Extension is feature complete and is widely used in production



Magnolia version

6.2 6.1 5.7


Incubator Templating

Magnolia edition

DX Core On-premises Pro On-premises Standard

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This extension is maintained by Magnolia on a best effort basis. Should you need support or customization assistance, these can be offered via a service engagement request to our Professional Services team. Read more or get in touch with our team here.