Smart Snippets

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Digital Asset Management Editing

The Smart Snippets module provides a friendly way of managing pieces of content that are reused in multiple places over a website (via CKEditor or Rich text fields), making it easy to update content in a centralized way. Common examples that will benefit from this feature could be a company logo and description, legal statements, some Javascript code (if CKEditor is configured to allow it) or in general, any boilerplate content.
The Smart Snippets app provides interface to create and edit three types of entries:

  • Text Snippet, a formatted text snippet written in CKEditor, loaded as paragraph,
  • Inline Snippet, a plain text snippet, loaded in the same line as text surrounding it,
  • Image Snippet, a snippet that loads an image.

Once an editor places a smart snippet in website content, it can be modified from Smart Snippets content app. It's latest published content will be rendered on all pages where it has been selected. The content app provides as well the usage count of snippets. When editing a smart snippet, in its usage tab links are provided to the pages where the smart snippet is selected.


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