Improve SEO, web analytics, content quality and accessibility - all in one seamless workflow.

Siteimprove offers the world's most comprehensive cloud-based Digital Presence Optimization (DPO) software. The Siteimprove Intelligence Platform provides eye-opening insights that empower you and your team to create higher quality content, drive better traffic, measure digital performance, and work towards regulatory compliance—all from one place. 

Part of the Magnolia Optimization Connector Pack, the Siteimprove connector allows users of Magnolia CMS to integrate the Siteimprove platform into a seamless workflow to improve SEO, web analytics and content quality. 

With a dynamic widget integrated into the Magnolia CMS user interface, content editors have real-time access to visual data from Siteimprove’s Intelligence Platform, right at the point of the content and customer experience creation. Depending on the Siteimprove subscription, this can include: 

  • Analytics (page visits, page views etc.).
  • SEO (technical, content, user experience, and mobile optimization).
  • Content quality (misspellings, readability levels etc.).
  • Web accessibility (A, AA, AAA conformance level).
  • All with actionable insights and priority levels.
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