Single Sign On

By Magnolia
Single Sign-on

The Single Sign On (SSO) module provides login with the OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols. It can be used to protect a part of your website from anonymous access. It can also be used to provide an alternative login to Magnolia admincentral.

By using an external login service, Magnolia doesn't have to care about the specific authentication process at all. Instead it is handled completely transparently by the service that is configured to be used. For example the external authentication service could use a two-factor authentication before a user can be successfully authorized.

The following user storage mechanisms can be used:

  • Social logins (Google, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.)
  • LDAP, Active Directory, SAML 2.0 via the Keycloak service or comparable solutions (like the commercial Airlock)


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