Salesforce Connector

By Magnolia
CRM Marketing Automation

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM solution for tracking and managing leads, opportunities and customers. It brings together all your customer information in a single, integrated platform that enables you to build a customer-centred business from marketing right through to sales, customer service and business analysis. This gives you more complete understanding of your customers and enables you to make better decisions to close more business, reduce the cost of service, and keep every customer satisfied.

More and more companies position content management systems at the center of their digital presence. However, this means that the number of systems to be integrated into a CMS increases steadily. Magnolia connects with Salesforce to capture and enrich leads. This gives you the possiblity not only to capture more precise leads, but also to nurture leads by providing Salesforce with the data that leads are using. Magnolia's personalization feature can retrieve information from Salesforce to provide tailored content to web visitors, proving a richer user experience. 


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