Runtime based personalization

By Magnolia

Personalization of a specific piece of content should be possible by publishing the specific logic and not deploying a new piece of software, as today most hardcore logic is brought by external service providers. Those service providers will keep track of the customer id, so as to provide the guessed or retrieved data to provide accurate personalization.

Here, we provide an extension of the marketing tag manager app that will allow you to provide personalization logic and integration over JavaScript loaded by the resource loader mechanism, available in Magnolia since the development of light modules.

The marketing tag manager sets cookies and retrieves or sends additional information to the marketing provider; an entry point for personalization is thus provided by cookies. We have simply extended the cookies DetectorFilter to be able to execute some additional logic in javascript whenever a cookie with attached server side scripts has been found. Front end client side logic can be added over the marketing tag manager script field as it exists already.

The browser executes client code sets, cookie values etc. The extended cookie filter will see if the cookie is associated with some javascript. If the cookie is associated with some code, the code will run in the scriptEngine. It will inject a cookieTrait in the Trait Collector so that it can be used by the personalization framework.

Pre-release Version

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