Poll Module

Easily create and manage user polls with Magnolia.

The Poll Module allows you to create polls, publish them, view answers and analytics. 

  • A poll can consist of one or more questions of different types, such as single or multiple choice.
  • Participants can choose from the answers that you predefine.
  • You can restrict selection to just one answer per question or you can allow multiple answers.
  • Finally, you can review the results individually or as a whole through graphs.

The module provides the capability to create and manage polls from within Magnolia by storing the information in an external SQL database.

You will be able to integrate using REST endpoints with the content of the polls and serve them to external systems or render polls directly using FreeMarker components in Magnolia.



Extension has limited documentation and test coverage
Extension is tested, documented and has a few live deployments
Extension is feature complete and is widely used in production



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