Neat Tweaks

By Jan Haderka

Neat Tweaks for developers provides a new “Neat Config” replacement for the Config app which provides new actions to build definitions quickly. Many property references are now clickable links - for example you can jump straight to an extended node with a click. Neat Tweaks for editors tweaks the page editor - for example displaying the full screen width by overlaying the action bar on the page.

For developers

  • Linking from the page editor to the template definition
  • Links to dialogs in a page or components template definitions 
  • Links to extended nodes in the configuration
  • Links from definition to template script
  • Action to build dialogs
  • Action to build fields
  • Action to build a REST client definition
  • Full width template script editor
  • Action to add anything
  • Action to create a property
  • Action to create apps
  • Action to find usages of nodes
  • In app bookmarks
  • Action to open node in a tab

For editors

  • Full screen width page editor
  • Duplicating components
  • Change the component type for existing components


Magnolia version:

Jan Haderka