LowCode SHOW

AI-powered personalized digital signage, natively integrated into Magnolia DXP.

LowCode SHOW is an AI-powered digital signage solution that offers you the ability to manage your digital signage screens from a single place. LowCode SHOW is the only digital signage software that provides native integration for Magnolia for reuse of existing content.

Typical use cases can include: hotel screens, digital menu boards, kiosk applications, dynamic storefronts, wayfinding, ticketing, queue management and more. 

With the help of the LowCode Show Visual Composer, you will always be able to configure new displays or adapt existing ones without cumbersome development.

The LowCode Show Magnolia Connector offers the following functionality:

  • Access to advanced AI-Powered Digital Signage Personalization based on extendable real-time sensor data (such as Person, Age, Gender Recognition, Weather Data);
  • Search and Integrate your Magnolia Content Apps;
  • Native Integration of your Magnolia DAM into your Screens;
  • Magnolia CMS Drag and Drop Content Reuse;
  • Write custom LowCode Show Components using Magnolia;
  • Content Integration to LiveBeam.me Digital Signage Player.

Learn more about LowCode SHOW and Magnolia DXP here.

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Magnolia version

6.2 6.1


Digital Signage Content Management Digital Asset Management

Magnolia edition

DX Core On-premises Pro On-premises Standard

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