Connect Magnolia and your Elasticsearch instance to index and search your editorial content and assets.

Elasticsearch is the world’s leading open source search and analytics solution. The Elasticsearch extension for Magnolia built by Neofonie lets you index and search your editorial contents and assets, via REST based communication between Magnolia and your Elasticsearch instance.

It contains numerous capabilities to configure indexing jobs which are used with related command and action classes in order to trigger indexing manually. The command can also be used to run indexing jobs periodically, for example in Magnolia's Scheduler module. Implicit re-indexing when activating contents and assets is also included.

For implementing search forms and result pages appropriate templates are provided. Furthermore a custom Magnolia App offers several features for monitoring and maintaining your configured Elasticsearch server.

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This extension is maintained by Neofonie and offered under the following terms and conditions. Should you need further information and assistance, please contact Neofonie. 


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