Distributed Collaboration

By Magnolia

The Distributed Collaboration module extends and improves the Magnolia content deployment process by introducing a number of submodules that enable users to lock and version content before transferring it to another environment in a container. The content in the container can then be merged into the new environment and published when required. UI improvements also mean that editors can easily distinguish between edited and unedited content.

Hard Locking submodule
Content can be “hard-locked” at a node level. Nodes or pages that are locked are visually recognisable and, once locked, cannot be edited by another user. Editors can unlock nodes by explicitly calling an unlock action. 

Advanced Versioning submodule
Multiple pieces of content in different workspaces can be tagged with shared labels making it clear which changes were made together for a given version.

Change Container submodule
A group of changes can be attached to a “change container”. This allows users to transfer, merge and publish changes in a batch operation.

Data Transfer submodule
The actual data, or payload, in the change container can be transferred to other instances using the data transfer mechanism. The containers are stored in a separate workspace until they are merged to become part of the content.

Merge submodule
Once the change container has been transferred, users must be enabled to merge the data supplied into their own instance. This submodule lets users visually compare local data with the data received from other sources before merging the two into the running system.

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