Content Locking

Improve collaboration for content teams, by preventing concurrent editing and overwriting others' changes.

When creating content in teams, multiple users may wish to work with the same content at the same time. With Content Locking, they can avoid concurrent editing and overwriting of someone else's work. 

Editors can lock the page, asset, story or other content item that they are working on, to ensure that no one else edits the content that they are working on.

The Content Locking extension provides editors with features to lock a JCR node. Locking of the node prevents other users from modifying its content until the lock is removed. The solution installs the locking feature on the Pages, Assets, and Stories apps, but locking can be applied to any content app with a decorations file.



Extension has limited documentation and test coverage
Extension is tested, documented and has a few live deployments
Extension is feature complete and is widely used in production



Magnolia version

6.1 5.7 6.2


Content Management

Magnolia edition

DX Core On-premises Pro

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