Canto Cumulus Connector

By Canto
Digital Asset Management

The Cumulus DAM connector allows users to connect a Canto Cumulus DAM to Magnolia. Cumulus is a popular, enterprise-grade digital asset management platform that offers digital right management and many backend connections, including Adobe Photoshop and InDesign and more.

You can use DAM content within a Magnolia website similarly to working with native Magnolia content. In addition to exposing DAM content to Magnolia websites, the module provides access to DAM content management. The Cumulus DAM Connector installs the Cumulus Asset app that allows users to browse assets in remote (Cumulus) DAM.

This allows you to manage your digital assets in Cumulus and seamlessly use them in Magnolia. Digital rights that you set in Cumulus are used by Magnolia to control availability, allowing you to ensure that you only use assets when and where you should. This fits well with Magnolia's localization features, allowing users to deal with local-specific content. Canto is driven by delivering digital content more intelligently, making it a global leader in the digital asset management community.



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