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The Blossom module makes the Spring Framework available for Magnolia. Blossom enables you to create editing components that display a high level of dynamic behavior.

These components can be used by editors to create truly interactive web pages. For example, the Spring Framework application stack makes it easier to connect to business systems so that they fetch the information that you want to present in your pages. 

The module lets you write reusable templates and components with a high level of dynamic behavior that editors can compose to create truly interactive web pages. Using the proven application stack of Spring Framework makes it easier to develop integrations with business systems to fetch information you want to present in your pages.

If you already know Spring you'll appreciate that Blossom gets you up to speed faster and lets you work in an environment that you're already familiar with.


Some of the advantages of the Blossom module are: 


  • Annotation based API that builds on Spring Web MVC. This means it automatically detects annotated classes and registers them for use in Magnolia. 
  • It exposes controllers as templates and components, allowing you to use the controller for building a model. This is useful if you need to call a web service to get information to present or if you need to read it from a database.
  • Having your templates, areas and components backed by an MVC framework has the benefit of a natural way of developing business logic also for the web.
  • It allows you to create dialogs with code instead of configuration. This has many benefits: you can populate the dialog at runtime with options detected at runtime, you get your dialogs out of the repository and into your source control (CVS, SVN, GIT).
  • Dialog validation callbacks for custom validation of input.


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