Advanced Personalization

Do more complex targeting with all available data, while minimizing the performance impact of personalization.

Complex personalization helps improve conversion rates, but can negatively impact performance. The Advanced Personalization extension provides a more flexible way of defining the rules for matching page and component variations to a request using expressions.

The solution allows for more complex targeting and potentially fewer variants to manage. In addition, it provides two new traits out of the box that can be used immediately for matching against incoming request header and query parameters. 

Advanced Personalization includes:

  • Variant matching using expressions.
  • Matching all or any segments.
  • New request traits: Request Header and Query Parameters.
  • Deferred traits.
3rd Party

Magnolia version

6.1 5.7


Optimization & Personalization

Magnolia edition

DX Core On-premises Pro On-premises Standard

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